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Car Town is a auto game you can play as a Facebook member. In this great game you can race, collect, and modify virtual cars, trucks, and even sport utility vehicles (SUV's).

The object of the game is to race your Facebook CarTown friends in order to make money. You can then use the cash you make, to raise your collect of the many vehicles Car Town has to offer. Other ways are Nascar and Indy race which lets you earn virtual money in this game.

CarTown also got many cars and items, which can only be bought using cartown points. Points are another form of virtual currency, that can be bought via the Car Town store. You normally use real money or facebook coins to purchase these points or you just use some of the working hacks and cheats listed in our collection! We also explain some great methods that allow you to make free cartown blue points! Coming Soon!!!

Cartown Cheats Cartown Cheats

The game's incredibly simple: Collect, connect, and race. Best of all - you get your own garage. Kidding. The game dons a free-to-play model while offering premium services like premium cars, premium accessories, speeding up in-game services and the like.

So if you want that premium car with that custom paint job so bad, unfortunately you'll have to shell out a couple of bucks for it. But our community collected some secret exploits and hacks to get all cars and alot of bluepoints for free!

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We were recently treated to an inside look at the game and came away so smitten we've already begged a few thousand credits out of them to keep our habit fed. As we quickly discovered, Car Town's not about racing, it's about collecting. New Car Town gamers are given a basic garage that forms their home base.

They're also given some credits to customize their garage or to "buy" a car, starting out with basic transportation appliances and working up the scale to super exotics like the McLaren F1, Lamborghini LP670-4 SuperVeloce, Mercedes SLR McLaren and so on.

Cartown Cheats Cartown Cheats

Old cars, new cars, trucks, SUVs, muscle cars, hybrids, they're all in there. Cie has even been granted a license by the Indy Racing League to include Indy Cars and a virtual Indy 500 museum will be a part of the game some time soon.

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Cie Games other amazing game named Car Town Streets is another great gaming experience!. You build up your garage, and race with all your favorite cars in Car Town Streets

Again you run the cars which run car town! Start to search for abandoned special cars or purchase brand new super fast car town cars! Build up your car town and garages, alot of real cars from licensed manufacturers are included too!

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